Certification Answers

Fill in the blanks: The plan you present during the advise phase of your inbound sales strategy closes the gap between _______ and _______.

  1. your prospect’s budget, your company’s needs
  2. your goals, your prospect’s goals
  3. where the prospect is now, where they want to be
  4. the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey

Correct Answer:

  • where the prospect is now, where they want to be

The Inbound Sales Certification covers the basics of an inbound approach to sales. This course is for individual sales reps who are looking for actionable tips to use in their next call or meeting. You’ll learn how to identify new prospects, connect with them, explore their needs, and advise them on a path forward. Identify the best contacts to reach out to. Connect with and earn the attention of your most promising leads. Run sales calls and presentations that drive results.

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