Certification Answers

How can you best determine changes in traffic sources over time?

  1. Compare traffic sources from different days of the week.
  2. Group videos by content format, then contrast their traffic sources.
  3. Look at a multi-line graph of traffic sources over a date range.
  4. Rank traffic sources in order of importance to the channel.

Correct Answer:

  • Look at a multi-line graph of traffic sources over a date range.

Today’s media landscape is changing, and channel managers can learn how to best support and grow the channels they manage in the YouTube ecosystem by assessing how a channel fits into different content categories. Platform Overview: How YouTube Operates, YouTube Categories. Channel Assessment: See how to apply a consistent framework to measure channel performance and uncover opportunities for channel growth. Recognize what questions you can ask and what data you can analyze to determine next steps. Plan for a channel assessment, Assess channel mission and brand, Assess content strategy, Assess audience engagement, Assess discovery. Channel Revenue: Dive into revenue on YouTube—what the benefits are, ways to maximize your revenue streams, how ads are served, and how you can measure revenue performance. Revenue landscape, Ad-serving model, Revenue assessment.

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